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Entry #1

NGADM Round 2

8/9/12 by Rampant
Updated 9/5/12

NGADM2012 | Rules | Auditions | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 |


Group 01: TroisNyxEtienne v. Bosa

Group 02: Kor-Rune v. RetromanOMG

Group 03: Waterflame v. MainStreamBeats

Group 04: camoshark v. BlazingDragon

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Previous Rounds Below This Line \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Group 01: camoshark
v. TheBenjerman
Group 02: samulis v. Bosa
Group 03: RampantMusik
v. BenjaminTibbetts
Group 04: CheckeredZebra v. C-Storm
Group 05: acmeDyne v. Kor-Rune
Group 06:
Kirbyfemur v. midimachine
Group 07: Demon-Slayer12
v. HighBallers
Group 08: TroisNyxEtienne v. LiquidOoze
Group 09: FairSquare v. Waterflame
Group 10: BlazingDragon
v. MtM0201
Group 11: jpbear v. Blackhole12
Group 12: MainstreamBeats
v. XsakuX
Group 13: Jimmypig v. OpenLight
Group 14:
TiKRuy v. NeXsard
Group 15: EbonHawk7X
v. Garoad
Group 16: td6d v. RetromanOMG

Group 01:
RampantMusik v. Bosa
Group 02: TroisNyxEtienne
v. EbonHawk7X
Group 03: Kor-Rune v. midimachine
Group 04: Waterflame v. Blackhole12
Group 05: BlazingDragon v. Demon-Slayer12
Group 06: MainStreamBeats v. OpenLight
Group 07: NeXsard v. RetromanOMG
Group 08: camoshark
v. CheckeredZebra


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Nexsard has an entry:

8/19/12 Rampant responds:




Just wanted to say thanks again for doing this. It's awesome getting this kind of support since there's a tonne of work to do when organising the NGADM and some help is always great. So yeah, thanks :3.

8/15/12 Rampant responds:

It can be a pain to make sure you have all the entries, between the discussions, and the text links to submissions, and links to who knows what else Lol



Cheers for the easy list!

8/15/12 Rampant responds:

No problem!

This is handy. Thanks for taking the time to compile it!

Nice track by the way. One of the motifs sounds peculiarly like Harry Potter. :p

8/11/12 (Updated 8/12/12) Rampant responds:

No problem: I have OCD when it comes to organization :P

I do see a similarity to one of the Harry Potter themes: it's one of those unintentional inspirations that, once someone brings it up, you can never un-hear it :P John Williams is one of my favorite composers, though, and I think the first three Harry Potter films are his best work.