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Entry #1

NGADM Round 2

2012-08-09 02:48:40 by Rampant

NGADM2012 | Rules | Auditions | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 |


Group 01: TroisNyxEtienne v. Bosa

Group 02: Kor-Rune v. RetromanOMG

Group 03: Waterflame v. MainStreamBeats

Group 04: camoshark v. BlazingDragon

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ Previous Rounds Below This Line \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \

Group 01: camoshark
v. TheBenjerman
Group 02: samulis v. Bosa
Group 03: RampantMusik
v. BenjaminTibbetts
Group 04: CheckeredZebra v. C-Storm
Group 05: acmeDyne v. Kor-Rune
Group 06:
Kirbyfemur v. midimachine
Group 07: Demon-Slayer12
v. HighBallers
Group 08: TroisNyxEtienne v. LiquidOoze
Group 09: FairSquare v. Waterflame
Group 10: BlazingDragon
v. MtM0201
Group 11: jpbear v. Blackhole12
Group 12: MainstreamBeats
v. XsakuX
Group 13: Jimmypig v. OpenLight
Group 14:
TiKRuy v. NeXsard
Group 15: EbonHawk7X
v. Garoad
Group 16: td6d v. RetromanOMG

Group 01:
RampantMusik v. Bosa
Group 02: TroisNyxEtienne
v. EbonHawk7X
Group 03: Kor-Rune v. midimachine
Group 04: Waterflame v. Blackhole12
Group 05: BlazingDragon v. Demon-Slayer12
Group 06: MainStreamBeats v. OpenLight
Group 07: NeXsard v. RetromanOMG
Group 08: camoshark
v. CheckeredZebra


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2012-08-11 18:10:18

This is handy. Thanks for taking the time to compile it!

Nice track by the way. One of the motifs sounds peculiarly like Harry Potter. :p

(Updated ) Rampant responds:

No problem: I have OCD when it comes to organization :P

I do see a similarity to one of the Harry Potter themes: it's one of those unintentional inspirations that, once someone brings it up, you can never un-hear it :P John Williams is one of my favorite composers, though, and I think the first three Harry Potter films are his best work.


2012-08-15 06:42:54

Cheers for the easy list!

Rampant responds:

No problem!


2012-08-15 06:46:25

Just wanted to say thanks again for doing this. It's awesome getting this kind of support since there's a tonne of work to do when organising the NGADM and some help is always great. So yeah, thanks :3.

Rampant responds:

It can be a pain to make sure you have all the entries, between the discussions, and the text links to submissions, and links to who knows what else Lol


2012-08-19 05:32:31

Nexsard has an entry:

Rampant responds: